Circular Industries is an integrator of best available and proven technologies that enable maximum, sustainable, circular and economically feasible recovery of Critical Raw Materials from complex secondary sources (waste).

Critical Raw Materials

Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) are of high economic and strategic importance to the European economy, but have a high-risk associated with their supply.

In 2017, the European Commission expanded the list of CRMs to 27 elements of the Periodic Table, out of the 118 elements.

Printed Circuit Boards

The biggest untapped source of CRMs are discarded Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

PCBs can contain up to 60 elements from the Periodic Table of Elements.
However, current metal producers only focus on the recovery of a limited number of valuable metals, including: gold, silver, palladium, platinum and copper.
Moreover, the processes of these producers generate toxic emissions and new waste streams. Generally there is no sustainable and closed-loop production.

Urban Mining Factory - Critical Raw Materials

At the beginning of 2015, Circular Industries started developing the business case for an Urban Mining Factory - Critical Raw Materials (UMF-CRM), with low-grade PCBs as its main input. We are currently in the financing phase of the UMF-CRM. The Financial Close is expected at the beginning of Q1 2020. Within 3 years after the production has started, the Urban Mining Factory will recover 24+ elements, in a process without toxic emissions and waste streams!

Low-grade Printed Circuit Boards

Cheap electronics are currently the fastest growing waste stream on earth.
PCBs from these electronics contain much less valuable metals. In general, the low-grade PCBs are economically uninteresting for the major metal producers. For this reason we focus specifically on the processing of low-grade Printed Circuit Boards. That's where the challenge lies and where the opportunity is!

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