Critical Raw Materials

The increasing global demand for Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) results in a decreasing availability. Only by maximizing the recovery of CRMs from waste streams, we can preserve these materials for our future generations.

10+ Critical Raw Materials

The Urban Mining Factory - Critical Raw Materials (UMF-CRM) will become the world’s first factory that focuses on maximum recovery of CRMs from waste streams. No other factory will produce a greater variety of CRMs than the UMF-CRM.

Applications of CRMs

CRMs are being used many important and high-tech applications, among others: medicine, hospital equipment, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, wind mills, satellites, etc.

Dependence on suppliers
China is the major supplier of Critical Raw Materials, accounting for 70% of the global supply and 62% of the supply to the EU (e.g. neodymium, magnesium, antimony, natural graphite, etc.). When it comes to the Rare Earths elements, China produces 96% of these elements. For example a Rare Earth metal like Neodymium, 30% stronger than other magnetic elements, is of great importance for maximum power generation in wind mills.

Supply risks

The countries that produce CRMs have now started catching up in the field of sustainable energy and sustainable industry. The risks for the European Union associated with the dependency of non-European suppliers, become even greater due to low substitution and low recycling percentages within the European Union. 

Circular Industries is the first European producer of CRMs to act on this subject.

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