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Circular Industries is the project developer of the
Urban Mining Factory – Printed Circuit Boards (‘UMF-PCB’).


Printed Circuit Boards contain the highest number of elements applied in a single product. Despite this, recovery rates of the elements remain low.

A higher standard will have to be defined.

The production of PCBs is very complex, but the same goes for the recovery of all applied elements through Urban Mining.

However, this does not alter the fact that we as an industry must do our utmost to recover all these elements. And above all by doing this in 

an environmentally friendly way. So not just the low-hanging fruit, consisting of only a handful 

of valuable elements and based on a process that results in toxic residues and emissions.

The purpose of the UMF-PCB is the maximum and sustainable recovery and refining of (Critical) Raw Materials from discarded low-grade PCBs, so that these materials become available for Europe's high-tech manufacturing industries and energy transition. 

In that regard the UMF-PCB is raising the bar higher than ever.


Not in terms of performance. Not in design.

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