About us

we are committed to the transition 

to a Circular Economy, in which 

Urban Mining plays a central role

Circular Industries is a sustainable project developer, focusing on the extraction of (Critical) Raw Materials from various complex waste flows. Our first project is the Urban Mining Factory Printed Circuit Boards. Within this factory, the conversion of low-grade Printed Circuit Boards to a maximum number of at least 99.95% pure elements, is central.

We are currently finalizing the financing of the Urban Mining Factory Printed Circuit Boards.

our mission is to keep (Critical) Raw Materials available for the economically and healthily wellbeing of humanity


Niels Wagemaker (co-founder)

Business Development

Worked at Greenpeace’s Head Office from 1996-1999. Within the Office Management department responsible for technical support and green procurement of supplies. Entrepreneured in the IT sector since the late 1990s till 2010. After that responsible for setting up and managing large national and international investment funds. From 2013 active as a sustainable entrepreneur, first from a consultancy role and now as a driver of a new generation of Raw Materials factories. Business Developer with broad expertise. Learning a lot about project finance, a new area of expertise.

Martin van Zanten (co-founder)


Former Technical Officer (Technical Squadron Commander in the rank of Major) at the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Hereafter employed as Quality and Program Manager at Fokker Aircraft. 

After spending decades in aviation, started as Managing Director at Bureau Veritas Netherlands - responsible for testing, inspecting and certifying company assets, products, infrastructure and business processes. Guided after this position, as a self-employed consultant, large and complex infrastructure projects. Specialist, trainer and author in the Systems Engineering (SE) method, to which he has added ‘Extended’ (ESE), in the context of demonstrability and traceability. First time right is the goal.

Jan Reitsma


Former Integration / Program Manager at Fokker Aircraft and Fokker Space & Systems. After that gained experience as Technical Director at LOFAR Foundation, a sensor network for astronomical applications. The last employment was as Director at Sensor City Foundation - responsible for development and implementation of an urban sensor network. Always worked within technically highly innovative and complex environments. Involved in the plans of Circular Industries for many years now, whereby the technical implementation of the proven technologies and the interfaces between these technologies are under his responsibilities.

Roelof Platenkamp

Advisor to the founders

• Previously Global Vice President Strategy, Economics & Planning at Shell.

• Previously Global Vice President Petroleum Engineering & Development at Shell.

• Founder and Executive Chairman of Tulip Oil B.V., a company focused on exploration and production of oil and gas fields.

Philip-Jan Reeb


• 22 years of experience in several financial roles at AEGON and Nationale-Nederlanden;

• Founder and 10 years of experience as Managing Director of the Floreijn Group; (now part of Söderberg & Partners)

• Dedicated driver of all the work that remains in the financial and legal field.

Jan Gerrits


• Previously Senior Consultant at DNV GL, inspecting and qualifying welders’ qualifications, metal constructions and material certificates, amongst others;

• Experience in consulting in the manufacturing industry, with a specialization in metal products as owner of Saffir and as member of High-Tech Alliance Cooperation, which provides suitable specialists to new innovative projects.

Saskia Botman


• Over 20 years experience in Human Resource Management and Office Management;

• Specialized in the support of SMEs, for which a lot of general knowledge is required;

• Involved in the Urban Mining Project project since the beginning.

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