we can secure local supply of 

raw materials for various industries 

The biggest risks that can disrupt your procurement are economic, environmental, political and ethical risks

Metal supply at risk

The dependence of countries outside the European Union (‘EU’) for the supply of (Critical) Raw Materials is very high. Trade conflicts between the USA and China, the COVID-19 pandemic and the current war in Ukraine are putting the security of metal supply at risk. 

In the context of prosperity and the energy transition, it is vital that manufacturers keep unhindered access to (Critical) Raw Materials.

As a company based in the Netherlands, we will help local (NL+EU) manufacturing industries minimize their supply chain risks.

Green Procurement, a threat or an opportunity?

In addition to supply chain risks, the demand for sustainably produced ‘green’ metals will increase. This is due to procurers and consumers opting for products that are composed of materials with a much lower carbon footprint.

The current volume of 'green' produced metals is small, compared to the total volume of metals produced. This may pose a threat to the marketing of products to procurers and customers, unless buyers have already taken steps to purchase green metals. In that case, it's an opportunity.

We are happy to engage with potential buyers of ‘green’ metals. To do so, please contact us via the Contact page.

Sustainable procurement for energy applications

The estimated output of our factory is 2,600 tons of Cu, 148,000 kg of Ni and 150,000 kg of Sn per year.

The UMF-PCB will become a major producer of Copper (‘Cu’) in terms of volume and Precious Metals in terms of value. The produced Cu will be applied for the benefit of the energy transition, e.g. in the form of electricity cables or copper cathodes. In addition, significant quantities of other metals will also become available for energy applications, such as Nickel (‘Ni’) powder for Lithium batteries and/or permanent magnets for wind turbines. 

There are many applications for our metals, including Tin (‘Sn’) powder for spray-on applications for corrosion resistance.
Magnet manufacturers use Sn for high-powered magnets. Powders are also useful in any application where high surface areas are desired, such as fuel cells for electric vehicles and solar applications. Feel free to contact us for inquiries regarding our ‘green’ metals.

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