we partner with disposers and dismantlers of WEEE (e-waste)

It is in all of our interests to improve the value chain, so that the collection and sorting of electronic waste pays off

After many conversations with domestic and foreign disposers and dismantlers of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (‘WEEE’), it has become clear to us that there is room for improvement in the market. 

Dismantlers expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the limited payment of elements by the current market parties, the complicated calculation models and slow payouts. This translates into the conditions that the dismantlers can offer their customers, the disposers. As a result, disposers typically have to pay to get rid of their WEEE, which leads to dissatisfaction on their part. 

Due to this situation, the WEEE collection targets within the European Union are not met and will remain in an impasse. With the UMF-PCB, we see an opportunity to break this..

As a newcomer, the Urban Mining Factory - Printed Circuit Boards (‘UMF-PCB’) will redefine the entire valuation process and will break the collection impasse. From advanced sampling of discarded Printed Circuit Boards to simple calculation models and fast payouts, that’s what we going to do. And of course we do this in close consultation with our suppliers, whereby chain cooperation is paramount. 

In that regard, we would like to get in touch with disposers and dismantlers of WEEE, so that together we can establish an improved value chain. 

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