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wasted Printed Circuit Boards?

The input capacity of the UMF-PCB is 15,000 tons per year, leading to an output of over 4,000 tons of metals

Urban mining is the process of recovering and reusing materials from waste products.

Reclaiming materials from waste is as old as mankind. In the past, there always was efficient reuse of organic materials. In the present, the quantity and chemical composition of waste has changed drastically. This makes the recovery and reuse of raw materials very complex and challenging.

To this end, Circular Industries has developed the Urban Mining factory - Printed Circuit Boards (‘UMF-PCB’). We see the opportunity to become the ‘world champion’ in Urban Mining. 

Of course, this is not only an opportunity but it is also a necessity. It is unacceptable that after extracting primary raw materials, with typically significant environmental damage, the raw materials sector is not able to recover the same elements in a secondary way, through Urban Mining.

From fiberglass 

to pebbles. 

No residues


Patented process
All our efforts have led to a patented process, in which we will start with the recovery of 9 elements. Once the first UMF-PCB is operational, we will significantly expand the refining line annually, with respect to the number of additional new elements to be recovered.

In addition, no residual stream is left unused. For example, the fiberglass in the Printed Circuit Boards can be converted to a pebble that can be safely applied as a substitute for primary mined pebbles for the purpose of concrete production. Given that primary pebbles are already becoming scarce, concrete producers are very happy with this sustainable alternative.

Up to 60 elements from the Periodic Table

A complex mixture of metals, plastics and other chemical substances is the base of all components in Printed Circuit Boards (‘PCBs’). As a result PCBs, originating from WEEE, are the richest waste stream in terms of the number of elements used. They can contain up to 60 elements from the Periodic Table. However, these occur in very small quantities, which makes the extraction process complex. But of course, that is no reason not to recover these elements.

As a newcomer and highly specialized smelter/refiner, we therefore set the bar much higher. In 2017, we already knew this would not be an easy task, so why did we go to all this trouble?Well, it’s our mission!


As a project developer, Circular Industries its mission is to recover and refine a maximum number of elements and put them back into the Circular Economy, thereby slowing down the rate of primary mining and leaving more of the world’s natural resources for future generations. 

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