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Green metals, a golden opportunity

It does not make sense when sustainable energy applications are based on metals that are produced in a polluting manner. The energy transition requires sustainably produced materials. And not just until 2050 or 2040. Even 2030 is still far away as a horizon. That is why we are ahead of the curve. Way ahead.

From 2026, our Urban Mining Factory will convert 15,000 tons per year of low-grade Waste Printed Circuit Boards (‘WPCBs’) into new (Critical) Raw Materials. 

Materials with a CO2 footprint close to net zero. 

In essence, our Urban Mining Factory will become a producer of Copper, with a very large and valuable bycatch of other metals that are critical to the European Union (‘EU’).
For this reason, we will supply our materials directly to the manufacturing industries within the EU.

However, we cannot achieve our goals without the help of ambitious financiers. Financiers who are able to commit to the rapid rollout of multiple factories. After all, we do not stop at one factory within the EU. There should be three factories by 2030.

Financial milestones of our first Urban Mining Factory
With regard to the (Debt) financing process, we have the following remaining milestones:



Factory completion: 18 months after Financial Close.

ING bank has been appointed as Sole Coordinator and Mandated Lead Arranger of the Senior Debt Facilities.


Equity has to be committed before the start of the Credit Approval phase.

Debt/Equity ratio is around 65/35%. Total Equity ticket is around € 20 Million.

Risk mitigation

Our project is built around risk mitigation with regard to input, technology and output.

To achieve this, we have taken the following into account:

We will make an Offering Memorandum available to financiers, to ensure an efficient Due Diligence process.

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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’) of the United Nations are a call to action. Our project complies with 8 of these SDGs.

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