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Brand new brand identity and website
As our project continues to evolve, our corporate identity and proposition had to be taken to a higher level. Our previous logo from 2017 was based on the 'stamp' design trend. The new logo is inspired by what we do as Circular Industries; closing the gap in the recovery of (Critical) Raw Materials. The graphic and textual proposition is aimed at financiers, policy makers, suppliers and offtakers.


Booth and pitch at The Business Booster
The Business Booster is EIT InnoEnergy's annual two-day international networking event that showcases 150+ sustainable energy technologies under one roof. This edition takes place in Amsterdam, from 18-19 October. We are pleased that we recently became part of the ecosystem of our shareholder InnoEnergy and that we can participate in this fair, including our investor pitch of exactly four minutes on stage.


Seed Capital round of € 2 Million closed
After a very intensive Due Diligence process, we have successfully closed a Seed Capital round of EUR 2 Million. The financing round, led by three leading investors, Orchard participations, EIT InnoEnergy and Impuls Zeeland, marks an important step forward in our project, further development of the Urban Mining Factory.

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ING mandated as Lead Arranger Senior Debt
We have appointed ING as Sole Coordinator and Mandated Lead Arranger of the Senior Debt Facilities. This means that ING will take care of the process of organizing the debt financing of the Urban Mining Factory. This commitment from ING as an important milestone in our project.

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Subsidy of € 0,5 Million awarded by RVO
The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland) has awarded a subsidy of EUR 500,000 to Circular Industries. With this subsidy we can further determine the mass, energy and heat balances, in the context of the Process Validation of the Urban Mining Factory. Not only the main technologies but also the interfaces between them will be validated.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’) of the United Nations are a call to action. Our project complies with 8 of these SDGs.

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