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Geopolitical tensions and the energy transition increase the demand for metals. These metals are mainly extracted through primary mining. Typically on other continents, where the bottom has literally been reached and where the exploration of large new mines has been declining for decades. In the meantime, insufficient metals are being recovered from local waste streams, such as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (‘WEEE’) and Waste Printed Circuit Boards (‘WPCBs’) in specific. Until now.

WEEE dig it

Input capacity (kg)


Every year, our Urban Mining Factory will process approximately 15,000 tons of low-grade Waste Printed Circuit Boards in the most sustainable and circular way. 

Metals produced (kg)


The metals produced are of the highest purity and can be used for, among other things, electrical vehicle batteries and pharmaceutical applications.

Copper produced (kg)


Our copper will be sold to the manufacturing industry within the European Union, to benefit the clean energy transition.

Glass produced (kg)


From the fiberglass and silica in WPCBs streams we will create non-leaching (inert) rock-hard pebbles, replacing primary pebbles in concrete.

Lower footprint (kg)


The footprint of our Urban Mining Factory is already very low, but we continue to work hard on further optimizations. We strive for CO2 neutrality, the revolution.

Avoided CO2 (%)


With regard to the processes in Primary Mining, we save an enormous amount of emissions. We will become the new benchmark within the industry.

We gain back more,
we give back more

We do not have to explore deep mines, deep sea or even deep space. There are already plenty (Critical) Raw Materials present above ground, in the form of WEEE.

As our figures indicate, we will extract much more materials from low-grade Waste Printed Circuit Boards, through our patented Deep Recovery Process. Moreover, we do this completely sustainably and circularly.

Naturally, we will share the benefits of deep recovery with our stakeholders. For example, we will offer higher compensation to suppliers for their low-grade WPCBs, so that the collection and dismantling of this unpopular category of Printed Circuit Boards becomes more economically attractive for them.
In addition, we will link large WEEE disposers to the ambitious dismantlers within our network, so that both can benefit from better conditions. From our Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) policy, we will not only serve commercial stakeholders, but also our future colleagues and neighbors.

We give back more. To the environment. To you.

Do you

dig it?

Do you deal with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (‘WEEE’) as a disposer, dismantler or policy maker?
Or are you interested in purchasing our green metals?

Then join the Urban Mining revolution now!

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’) of the United Nations are a call to action. Our project complies with 8 of these SDGs.

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